AHCA’s ESS: Reporting Updates - LTC Facilities

April 25, 2020

Pursuant to Governor Ron Desantis’ Executive Order 20-51 and at the direction of State Surgeon General Rivkees, regarding Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), the Agency for Health Care Administration opened the event “COVID-19 Monitoring” in the Emergency Status System (ESS) to monitor hospital census, inventory, needs, and other related information statewide.


ESS Update

Effective today, April 25, 2020, the event tab labeled “Add’l Info” has been updated. The ESS will now require entry of fields related to the facility being COVID-19 free.


Please answer all that apply to your facility and be sure to answer the remaining questions daily by 10 AM ET.  The Long Term Care Facility Addtional Info Entry - Questions Guidance has been created to provide additional guidance for reporting correctly.


All Long Term Care Facilities

  • The “Add’l Info” tab should be updated daily by 10 AM ET until further notice.
    • Questions on this screen may vary so be sure to read carefully each time you go to enter info.
    • You may view previous responses by using the “History” table at the bottom of this screen.
  • Ensure the “Facility Contacts” section is up-to-date. 
  • Please report Current Resident Census and available beds in your facility daily by 10 AM ET until further notice.
  • All needs requests should be submitted to your local Emergency Operations Center.
  • For reporting purposes, update the “Resource Needs” event tab in ESS as well.
    • Include the mission number(s) assigned by your local Emergency Operations Center.


If needed, click the following link to access instructions for entering facility data for events (see pages 1-4 of the document “How to Locate and Enter Event Information” under the Details column)


If you require additional assistance with ESS, please contact your AHCA licensing unit during normal business hours:

Long Term Care Services Unit, at 850-412-4303

Assisted Living Unit, at 850-412-4304

Hospital and Outpatient Services Unit, at 850-412-4549